Give people their cash, when they want it. With our mobile ATM service, your customers can enjoy fast, secure access to their bank accounts at your event - keeping their wallets topped up and ready to spend. Perfect for antiques fairs, flower shows, music and food festivals, sporting events and many more, our mobile ATMs make providing cash easy.

Our full-service solution means everything is managed for you. From setup and security to refilling, it's all taken care of - leaving you free to plan and run your event.

We have units in banks of 2 or 3 ATMs and we also offer individual standalone machines. Additionally, a member of the ICE Cash at Events team will always be on-site to assist with any customer queries, and to ensure the cash machines are working efficiently.

Our mobile ATMs normally charge customers a small fee per transaction. If you prefer, you can subsidise this cost and offer a reduced fee.